Sunday, 16 July 2017

Birds and Flowers

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It has been the most glorious fine weather this weekend, and to top off spending the  morning in the garden and mowing lawns, all 30 birds for my Bird Dance project have been finished and sewn together.

I have decided not to make the berry border for it,( much to my sister's disgust) because I figure I'll never get it finished otherwise,  I am now just waiting on the delivery of some felt for the borders and then I think I will splurge and get it quilted professionally.

I have enjoyed making these birds in conjunction with my sister - it has been  quite fun to each work on the same project, but know they will be totally different reflecting our own personalities and tastes.I have learnt a lot of new stitches, have developed a love of beautiful threads. and think that there may be an embroidery project somewhere in my future.

Now that my bird dance project is just about finished, it is time for my sister Janine and I, to start the felt/embroidery project of my choosing.  I debated long and hard whether to do another Sue Spargo project or a Wendy Williams quilt using these materials.  In the end, in what was a fortuitous find, I happened to be looking through a new quilt book at the library one day, when I came across this project for a mini quilt with applique flowers and embroidery.  Straight away, I knew that this was my project.

While I was in Australia, I presented the pattern to my sister, and we picked the fabric we will use as  as our background.  Very hard to see in this light, but it is a textured deep inky blue cotton.  We may not do the border of tiny half square triangles it requires, but are looking at other options, whether a patterned fabric, or a trim of some description.  All that is left now is for me to choose my colour palette,  and then I can start this project, with the aim of finishing it by the end of the year.

Time to relax with a cuppa and a good book now.  Have a great week.


  1. Oh goodness, I knew this was going to look wonderful, and it really is! So nice to se the sun this weekend, cheers everyone up!

  2. This is fabulous; I love to look at the different stitches and different designs for each bird. Beautiful work!!
    Love the new project too!!

  3. Gasps at how wonderful it is!!! Of course as you showed all the birds they were wonderful, but to see them all together!! I love them!! Such great work, you are so talented, this really is fabulous!!!!!

  4. The birds look great! Nice work.

  5. A beautiful finish Julie! The birds are delightful, you must be thrilled. You next project is also looking to be an exciting one and the colours chosen for this are yummy!

  6. It is lovely. My dad would love it. He is healing from his heart attack very well. After selling the dairy cows, he had to get on with some form of barn animal. ;-) He is having fun with different breeds of chickens. He started to have hens nest and he is raising many chicks. He is having fun. He has always loved chickens and wild birds too. He can whistle very well and can do many bird songs.
    Have a great week,

  7. Congratulations on your birdie finish! They look fabulous together! I love all the close up shots where we get to appreciate your beautiful stitching! And your new project looks lovely too!

  8. The birds look so happy to be all together!! They look fabulous, and I see so much personality between them that I didn't really notice individually. Well done!! I think you will enjoy the flowers very much

  9. Wow! The birds look amazing! The applique mini is gorgeous. I look forward to seeing your version of it.


  10. I love your birds Julie, they're beautiful! Hope the felt doens't take too long to arrive so you can continue on! Your new project will be another beauty.

  11. Fantastic!! Well done you - they look fab.


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